Passport, Visa and Immunisation requirements for your journey

It is vital that you check passport and visa requirements as well as any immunisation guidelines for the countries you are travelling to (and through!) as early as possible as processing necessary documentation can take some time. As a starting point, you should ensure your passport has at least 6 months validity beyond your length of stay as this is now a mandatory requirement for many countries around the world.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has travel advice for your destination and should offer guidance on everything from health and immunisation to passport and visa requirements. You may even find handy tips on local laws and customs as well as crucial information on currency and navigating through your arrival airport.

A Dedicated Visa Service for Expedia customers

We appreciate that ever changing passport and visa requirements can add an element of frustration to booking your holiday. That's why Expedia has arranged a new partnership with VisaCentral, a CIBT company, who will let you know what documentation you need for your trip.If you're travelling to the US or Australia they can even organise the ESTA or ETA for a fee*, If you're travelling to any other destination you should contact the embassy of the country that you wish to travel to for advice on how to apply for the necessary documents.

So don't delay, check your documents today!**

* Electronic ETA and ESTA applications submitted by residents of the Republic of Ireland will be processed online. VisaCentral service fees will be in GBP. Full details can be found on the VisaCentral website ESTA's and ETA's can also be obtained for a lower fee by applying directly with the US and Australian governments, however they won't provide live assistance or automatic notification once the visa has been approved.

For more information please visit the appropriate government website below:

Please note that ESTA’s can take 1–3 working days to process, so please allow time before you travel

** On selecting the “Get a Visa” link, you will be directed away from the Expedia site to the VisaCentral website where their terms and conditions will apply.