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The home of one of Europe’s finest palaces as well as one of Germany’s oldest churches is also a perfect destination for wine lovers.

Würzburg is in the north Bavarian region of Franconia, and is situated on the Main River. The city was founded in the 10th century and was home to a number of powerful prince-bishops through the centuries. The Residence Palace where they lived is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. It is also known as the “castle above all castles,” and is one of Europe’s most renowned Baroque castles. Here, you will also find one of Germany’s oldest churches, built in the 8th century. The fortress surrounding the church, Festung Marienberg, has served as a fort since ancient times and is one of Würzburg’s most famous structures.

Visit the Mainfränkisches Museum at the fortress, where you will see the world’s largest collection of works by Tilman Riemenschneider. He was a German sculptor and woodcarver who was known for his versatility during the transition between late Gothic and Renaissance periods.

Make your way to the Alte Mainbrücke (old bridge), for a view of the fortress Marienberg, as well as some of the famous local vineyards. But you don’t just have to view the vineyards from a distance. Take a winery tour and taste some of the local wines at cellar doors in the surrounding Franconian Wine Country. You can also hike through the area or take a more leisurely stroll. If you are visiting Würzburg between May and October, you will be there for the wine festivals, which are held every week in the picturesque grape-growing villages.

Visit Dom St. Kilian, the city’s cathedral, to see an example of the architectural style that was popular during the Salian kings’ reign. It is the fourth largest Roman cathedral in Germany and holds a number of artifacts collected over the centuries.

There are plenty of dining choices downtown, serving a variety of cuisines and local wines when you are ready for food or an evening out.

It is easy to get around the city on public transportation, with both bus and tram services. Würzburg’s main train station connects to Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Munich, Kassel, Hanover and Hamburg. There are also designated bicycle paths throughout the city.

Where to stay in Würzburg

Wuerzburg Cathedral which includes heritage elements and a city

Würzburg City Centre

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Würzburg City Centre is noteworthy for its historical sites, and you can make a stop at top attractions like Würzburg Cathedral and Neumünster.

Würzburg City Centre
Wuerzburg Residence featuring flowers, a garden and heritage architecture

Altstadt Würzburg

Altstadt Würzburg is noteworthy for its restaurants, and you can make a stop at top attractions like Staatlicher Hofkeller Würzburg and Würzburg Residence.

Altstadt Würzburg