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Top things to do in Córdoba

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Top places to visit

1. Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba

The Córdoba Mosque is one of the most impressive religious monuments in Spain, a dazzling mixture of Christian and Islamic architecture in the heart of the city’s Old Town. Within this Catholic cathedral marvel at halls decorated with hundreds of colorful arches, spacious courtyards lined with orange trees and Gothic chapels.
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Stand in awe of a magnificent mosque, today a cathedral, which combines an array of religious architectural styles to create an astonishingly beautiful landmark.

2. Alcazar of Cordoba

Marvel at the Alcazar of Córdoba, also known as the Alcazar of the Christian Kings, a castle that contains features from different eras of Andalucía’s past. Discover Roman, Arabic and Visigothic remains on the grounds of a stunning, 13th-century fortress surrounded by spectacular gardens.
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Discover several different architectural styles in a castle encompassing multiple stages of Spanish history. Enjoy the contrast of its modern gardens and fountains.

3. Roman Bridge

The Roman Bridge spreads across the Guadalquivir River in the heart of Córdoba’s historic center. Stroll to the center of the bridge to view the sights of the Old Town and marvel at the long-lasting architecture of this ancient structure. The bridge is set between some of the most famous sights of the city, which makes it a logical stopping point while exploring Córdoba’s landmarks.
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Cross an ancient bridge that was built in Roman times but still stands today. Stop in the middle to enjoy some of the best views in Córdoba.

4. Calleja de las Flores

The Calleja de las Flores encapsulates the charm and beauty of the classic Andalusian alley. Walled with timeless whitewashed houses and adorned with potted plants worthy of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, this little alley is a charming place to take in some of Córdoba’s charisma.
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Stroll down this narrow alley in Córdoba’s historic Jewish quarter to see flowers spilling from the huddled balconies and an unforgettable view of the Great Mosque.

5. Medina Azahara

Medina Azahara was once a city, centered on a palace and built at the height of Andalucía’s power. Visit today to find the place left in spectacular ruins, a testament to the dreams of an ambitious caliph. Explore the expansive archaeological site on foot and visit the accompanying museum, which provides details of this grand folly.
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Wander through the fascinating ruins of a palace and an entire city before learning more about Andalucía’s golden age in the adjoining museum.

6. Roman Temple

Córdoba’s Roman Temple remains are extraordinary in their grandeur, design and rarity. Although the ruins were rediscovered fairly recently, it is estimated that the original building took place during the 1st century. The ruins were discovered during the building of the city hall in the 1950s. See this rare evidence of a Roman temple in Córdoba.
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Standing proud and dignified to this day, Cordoba’s grandest Roman remains will take you on a marvelous trip back to a long-gone era.

7. Casa Arabe

Casa Arabe (Arabic House) is a Mudejar-style house dating back to the 14th century, located within the heritage site area of Córdoba. Today the house is used as a meeting point to share and distribute Arabic culture and is self-described as “a bridge between two worlds.”
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Walk between the art-adorned walls of a beautiful ancient Arabic house and learn about one of Spain’s richest cultural influences.

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