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Top places to visit

1. Derry City Walls

The Derry City Walls are among the best examples in Europe of a fortified commune. Derry was one of the last cities in Europe to build a protective wall, which is well preserved today. Walk the walls and encounter churches, cannons and shops along the way.
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Derry City Walls showing street scenes and a city

2. Millennium Forum

It’s also home to the largest theatre stage in Ireland, making it a brilliant venue for plays, shows, concerts and musicals. The Millennium Forum stands on Newmarket Street close to the River Foyle and is distinctive for its high, rounded corner face. Inside, visitors are greeted with an impressive entrance foyer and a sweeping stairway framed by a mural that takes them down to the auditorium and a marble-floored piazza with a brasserie restaurant.
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Opened in 2001, the Millennium Forum in Londonderry is not only one of the city’s major venues, but also one of the biggest purpose-built theatres in Ireland.

3. Museum of Free Derry and Bloody Sunday Memorial

The Museum of Free Derry is a fascinating institution with collections and displays on momentous parts of Ireland’s history. The Irish conflict between unionists who wanted to stay in the United Kingdom and nationalists resulted in bloody battles in the second half of the 20th century. Learn about the societal changes to Derry during the civil rights movement of the 1960s and the Irish Troubles a decade later. See the Bloody Sunday Memorial that honors civilians violently killed by British soldiers.
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Museum of Free Derry and Bloody Sunday Memorial which includes street scenes

4. Guildhall

Guildhall is a structure of fascinating design. Here the elected council of Derry gathers and social events take place. It has been a significant part of the city’s culture, politics and architecture since its construction in 1890. Capture photos of the neo-Gothic façade that makes this building an iconic part of the city.
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Guildhall featuring heritage elements, a church or cathedral and night scenes

5. You are Now Entering Free Derry Mural

The You Are Now Entering Free Derry Mural is a slogan that is the cornerstone of the city’s recent history. The site consists of those six words on the side of a freestanding gable wall. Find out about the self-declared autonomous region of nationalists known as Free Derry between 1969 and 1972.
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You are Now Entering Free Derry Mural showing outdoor art and signage

6. Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge is a stylish structure that curls across the River Foyle. Constructed in 2011, it is a bright and innovative addition to the Derry cityscape. Learn about its emblematic meaning as a peaceful channel between the nationalists and unionists who have fought for centuries.
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Peace Bridge showing modern architecture, a city and a river or creek

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