Luxury holidays in Cornwall

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    Cornwall's motto is "One and all" - although officially this should be "Onen hag oll" in Cornish, which only about 500 people claim to be their first language. About 2,000 people worldwide are thought to be fluent in Cornish, with about 3,000 able to hold simple conversations - one more reason for those lucky few to consider a luxury holiday in the county, along with the many thousands who head to England's extreme south-west each year for the scenery, local heritage, cuisine and coastline.

    A taste of Cornwall

    Whatever your reason to visit Cornwall, it's hard to spend any time there without being tempted into trying some of the local cuisine. Perhaps the most iconic of this is the Cornish Pasty, nowadays mostly made with minced beef, carrots and swede, although historically a wide range of different fillings including leeks, herbs and sweets like fruit or jam were all used as well. Cornish ice cream and fudge are delicacies that benefit from the local landscape - soil that is not suitable for growing crops, but works well for dairy farming - and Cornish clotted cream has been granted protected geographical status by the EU.

    Many sides to Cornwall's coastline

    Cornwall's coastline has many sides - quite literally, as the county is surrounded by water on three of its sides, and this leads to dramatic cliff walks, beaches, and several destinations such as Porthtowan and Newquay that are favourites among surfers. The South West Coast Path is a priority for keen walkers, the longest waymarked footpath in England that takes about eight weeks to complete, and covers the southern and western coasts of Cornwall, Dorset, Devon and Somerset.

    When should I visit Cornwall?

    Several factors combine to make Cornwall's climate better and brighter than the rest of the mainland UK - its southerly position puts it slightly closer to the Equator, while the Gulf Stream brings warmer currents too, and this leads to mild temperatures on land, with some of the UK's highest annual sunshine totals. The sunniest days are in July, and while there is always a risk of rain - this being Britain - Cornwall's total rainfall is lower than its northerly neighbours. Mild conditions all year round mean the county might not see the UK's highest temperatures in summer, but usually avoids the lowest in winter too, making it a good option for a visit at any time of year.

    What’s on offer on a luxury holiday?

    Luxury holidays in Cornwall are all about you. If you fancy a glass of the finest local cider with a view of the Atlantic, your luxury hotel will provide it, and if you want a room right next to the pool, they’ll make it happen. Paying a little extra for a luxury package is a smart move in Cornwall, and the degree of attentiveness you receive during your stay is entirely up to you. Cornwall offers the sophisticated and refined level of service that is typical of luxury holidays, and while you may not have a tropical climate, you will have one of the UK’s most dramatic coastlines to explore, and the warm, hospitable attention to detail for which the Cornish are famous.

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