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Frequently asked questions

What is the name of Wexford's airport?
If you’re travelling by air, you won’t have to decide which airport to fly into. Wexford has just one – Dublin Airport (DUB).
How many airlines fly to Wexford?
Wexford is serviced by 39 air carriers from at least 165 worldwide airports.
Which airlines fly to Wexford?
Aer Lingus and British Airways operate the most flights to Wexford. One of the most preferred ways to get there is with an Aer Lingus flight from London.
How many nonstop flights are there to Wexford?
With 1,994 nonstop flights operating each week, you’ll be hitting the runway in Wexford before you have time to say, “Are we there yet?”
Where are the most popular flights to Wexford departing from?
Flights to Wexford from London, Greater Manchester and Edinburgh airports are very popular.
How long is the flight to Wexford Airport?
If you’re flying to Wexford from London, you’ll have a flight time of 1 hour and 20 minutes. Those taking off from Schiphol can expect to be on the plane for 1 hour and 40 minutes. From Greater Manchester it’s approximately 1 hour and 1 minute away.
How to book the cheapest flight to Wexford?
We’ve all come across those travellers who somehow manage to nab wonderfully cheap plane tickets every time they fly. Eager to know how to do it for your Wexford holiday? Don’t wait until the very last minute to lock in your flight. Another good way to land an unbeatable deal is to research all options. If your destination has several airports, be sure to research the cost of flying into a smaller terminal. Finally, another easy way to save some cash is be ready to book fast. If you spot an irresistible bargain, don’t hold off — grab it while you’ve got the chance.
How to survive the flight to Wexford?
No matter where you’re coming from, flying can be a seamless experience if you’re well organised. Follow these handy travel tips that will help get your Wexford escape started on the right foot.What to pack in your hand luggage:

  • It’s simple — first, pack in your passport, travel docs, bank cards and vital medications. Next, you’ll want some entertainment to while away the time. A juicy book and a laptop filled with your favourite shows are some wonderful options. If you intend to take a quick snooze, a comfy neck pillow and some earplugs will also come in handy. Finally, squeeze in a toothbrush and some cleansing wipes to ensure you arrive feeling fresh and raring to go.

Do not pack the following items in your hand luggage:

  • Double-check that you don’t have sharp or pointed objects hiding in one of the zippers of your hand luggage. Other banned items include explosive or flammable products, such as aerosol cans and fuel, and gels and liquids in containers with a volume of more than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters).

What to wear on a flight:

  • Comfort really should be your main priority when deciding what to wear during your flight. Consider your choice of footwear carefully too, as swelling of the feet and ankles are a common side effect of flying. Shoes which are flat and slightly roomy are always a good idea.
  • A condition known as DVT (deep vein thrombosis) can pose a risk on long-haul flights. It’s the result of blood clotting due to poor circulation. Walking up and down the aisle and doing foot and leg exercises while seated helps to prevent this developing. Wearing a good-quality pair of compression socks is also recommended.

How to get through airport security fast when flying to Wexford?
The answer is — be prepared. We’ve pulled together some useful tips for a fuss-free trip through security. Look out Wexford, here you come:

  • Your travel ID and boarding pass will need to be shown to airport security. Keep them within easy reach so you don’t have to dig around for them.
  • Next up is the X-ray machine. Remove anything metal on you that is likely to set off the scanner’s alarm. This includes items like earphones or headphones, as well as heavy coats or jackets. They’ll need to be placed on the conveyor belt for screening.
  • All your electronic devices, including your tablet and phone, will also need to be scanned separately.
  • Remember to remove liquids and gels from your carry-on luggage. They usually need to be sent through the X-ray separately. Each item should be no larger than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) and everything must fit inside a quart-size (one litre), clear zip-close bag.
  • Lightweight sneakers are a clever footwear choice as you’re less likely to have to remove them when passing through security. Hiking boots and other heavy shoes are often subjected to additional screening.
  • Take all prohibited items out of your carry-on bag. If you have any sharp or pointed objects, pack them safely away in your checked luggage. They won’t be allowed in the cabin.

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