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Frequently asked questions

Where can I learn more about changing or cancelling my flight to Caernarfon?
For more information about updating your flight to Caernarfon or cancelling it, head over to our Customer Service Portal.
How do I find cheap flights to Caernarfon that have flexible change policies?
Many airlines offer the option to reschedule your flight without a change fee. All you pay is the difference between the original flight and the new flight you select. When you’re searching for flights to Caernarfon, you’ll see a “no change fees” filter for you to select.
Can I fly to Caernarfon now?
To get the up-to-date facts about flying to Caernarfon, visit our Covid-19 Travel Advisor. Here, you’ll learn about any current travel restrictions and if you’ll be required to go into quarantine as soon as you land.
What is the name of Caernarfon's airport?
If you’re travelling by air, you won’t have to think too long which airport to choose. Caernarfon has just one – John Lennon Airport (LPL).
What airport is best to fly into Caernarfon?
Located 97 kilometres from the centre of town, John Lennon Airport (LPL) is likely to be your first stop in Caernarfon.
How many airlines fly to Caernarfon?
Caernarfon is serviced by 7 air carriers from 51 airports around the world.
Which airlines fly to Caernarfon?
The majority of flights to Caernarfon are operated by easyJet. The most preferred route is from Belfast, and easyJet flies this route the most.
How many nonstop flights are there to Caernarfon?
With around 221 nonstop flights each week, you’ll be landing in Caernarfon before you can ask, “Are we there yet?”
Where are the most popular flights to Caernarfon departing from?
Travellers frequently set off from Belfast, Dublin and Isle of Man (IOM) airports when heading to Caernarfon.
How long is the flight to Caernarfon Airport?
If you’re flying to Caernarfon from Belfast, you’re looking at a flight time of 50 minutes. Those taking off from Dublin can expect to be in the air for 54 minutes. From Isle of Man (IOM) it’s about 40 minutes away.
How to book the cheapest flight to Caernarfon?
If you’d like to have some extra spending money on your trip to Caernarfon, listen up! As every experienced traveller will tell you, avoid booking at the last minute. Prices are usually more expensive just prior to the departure date. Don’t stop there, however. Do some research and find out if there are a few airports at your destination. Ticket prices often differ depending on which airport you jet into. Don’t forget to compare prices across airlines too. Last but not least, be ready to secure your seat quickly if you find a real bargain. It might not be available for long. With a bit of knowledge and some luck, the ideal airfare can be yours.
How to survive the flight to Caernarfon?
Wherever you’re jetting in from, flying can be a pleasurable experience if you’ve planned ahead. Check out these handy tips that will get your Caernarfon escape started on the right foot.What to pack in your hand luggage:

  • A plane ride can be a great experience if you take the right stuff. Firstly, you’ll want some basic toiletry items, such as deodorant and a toothbrush, a clean set of clothes and a good book. Secondly, find a spot in your carry-on bag for your electronic devices, chargers, your important medications and maybe a quality neck pillow as well. Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget to bring your passport, travel documents and some cash.

Do not pack the following items in your hand luggage:

  • Double-check that you don’t have sharp or pointed objects hiding in your carry-on luggage. Other banned items include flammable or explosive products, such as fuel and matches, and gels and liquids in containers larger than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters).

What to wear on a flight:

  • The key to a comfortable flight is often as simple as your choice of clothing. Prepare yourself for varying temperatures by layering up. That way you’ll stay nice and warm if the cabin gets chilly. Shoes like sandals and heels are best left in your checked suitcase. Even though they may be your favourites, opt for flat, closed-toed footwear like sneakers. Your feet will appreciate it.
  • Most travellers have heard about DVT (deep vein thrombosis), a blood clotting condition caused by long periods of sitting. There are plenty of ways to minimize your risk. Wear a good-quality pair of compression socks, drink plenty of water and remember to keep your legs and feet moving. Do a few laps of the cabin or perform some simple exercises in your seat.

How to get through airport security fast when flying to Caernarfon?
The trick is to be prepared before you get to security. That way, you’ll be hopping onto that plane to Caernarfon in the blink of an eye. Follow these tips and get your trip off to a terrific start:

  • Keep your travel documents and ID close by. They’re the first items you’ll be asked for by airport security.
  • Next up, both you and your carry-on bag must be X-rayed. To make the process quick and painless, remove anything that is likely to trigger the alarm. Items such as your belt, jacket and headphones need to go through the machine.
  • All electronic gadgets, including your phone and laptop, will also need to be separately scanned.
  • Travelling with your favourite cologne or perfume? As long as it’s in a container no larger than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) and it’s stored in a clear zip-close bag, it’s OK to bring with you in your carry-on.
  • The right choice of footwear can save you several valuable minutes. Boots and heavy shoes are often required to be removed and X-rayed separately. Slip-on sneakers usually aren’t.
  • Take all prohibited items out of your carry-on bag. If you have any sharp objects like a pocket knife or tools, put them in your checked suitcase. They won’t be allowed on board and will be confiscated.

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