Top Cities in Netherlands

Pocket Guide: Netherlands

Book a hotel in Netherlands, a glorious mixture of the cutting-edge and the traditional. It fuses the liberal and the stately in its sights and attractions that include artistic masterpieces, romantic windmills, fields of graceful tulips, hip cafes, grand and historic architectural statements, relaxing canals and a pumping nightlife. The legacies of Dutch Masters span the history of art and are everywhere to be seen - Bosch, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Mondrian and Escher all compete for your attention. Just as compelling, though, is that windmill-strewn, flat landscape that makes cycling here such a breeze. Stop to sample some raw herring, waffles or just a frothy-headed beer in any of the convivial cafes or pubs you will pass on your way. You’ll be made to feel warmly welcome.

Areas & Neighbourhoods: Where to Stay in the Netherlands

Western Netherlands - The Randstad forms the heart of the Netherlands and is where its four biggest cities can be found - Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Take in the best museums, restaurants and nightlife. Get a hotel in hip Amsterdam where you’ll find alternative lifestyles, gorgeous parks and romantic canals to explore whilst futuristic architecture is the calling card of Rotterdam. Step outside the cities, though, to experience the iconic Dutch countryside and the delightful rural villages of Kinderdijk, Volendam and Zaanse Schans.

Northern Netherlands - The population thins out in the north and so do the tourists. This leaves you free to explore the wonderful West Frisian Islands and the Frisian Lakes in glorious tranquillity from a north Netherlands hotel.

Eastern Netherlands - Go a little wild as you lose yourself in the scenic surrounds of the largest National Park in the Netherlands, Hoge Veluwe National Park. Historic medieval cities line up for your inspection along the Ijssel river, including Zutphen, Zwolle and Doesburg.

Southern Netherlands - The Roman Catholic and Burgundian culture of this region give it a very distinctive feel and make it a fascinating place to tour. Book a hotel for the carnival celebrations and really let your hair down.

Things to See with a Hotel in the Netherlands

The influence of the Netherlands on visual arts has spanned medieval triptychs, Renaissance innovations, Baroque brilliance, modernist masterpieces and it continues to exert its pull on contemporary culture. The art museums and galleries in the cities will place Rembrandt, Bosch, Van Gogh and many more at your viewing pleasure. The canalscapes of Amsterdam, fringed by historic buildings, are a stunning sight, as is the futuristic architecture of Rotterdam, but the iconic view of the Netherlands is in the rural areas where the effects of the tulips paint the fields in patches of vibrant colours and windmills harness the strong winds that blow across the flat lands.

Things to Do in the Netherlands

The Dutch love to cycle and their cities are designed for leg-powered vehicles with just two wheels. Between the population centres cycling is a joy too thanks to the pancake-contoured land. Nightlife in Amsterdam is world-famous and lives up to its reputation but the cities also offer fine dining, cosy cafes and welcoming pubs to relax in.