Things to do in Killarney

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Muckross House featuring a park, flowers and heritage elements

Top things to do in Killarney

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Top places to visit

1. Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park is a wonderful expanse of mountains and lakes in Ireland’s southwestern corner. It has a mix of flora and fauna spread out across its dense woodland and mountain peaks. Enter the Victorian mansion of the Muckross House, Gardens and Traditional Farms for updated information from its visitor center.
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See the rare fauna and visit the quaint cottages adorning the picturesque lakes and forests of this mountainous national park.

2. Ross Castle

Whether arriving by boat after your trip through the Gap of Dunloe or by land along the Kerry Way, find historic Ross Castle standing serenely over beautiful Lough Leane. See a very well-preserved example of a medieval castle from outside and in.
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Standing guard over the lake, this silent ruin provides a glimpse of life in an Ireland that was often a land of warring clans.

3. Muckross House

At Muckross House visit a beautiful aristocratic home, wander through extensive gardens and learn about traditional farming culture. Explore a grand estate with many different perspectives of Ireland’s history.
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Enjoy varied delights on this splendid estate, which offers a look into daily life in the past, both inside a luxurious home and on a busy farm.

4. Ladies View

Arrive from a drive through the green countryside to Ladies View, a breathtaking panorama over the finest jewels of Killarney. Look out at Black Valley, the Upper and Middle Lakes, the Gap of Dunloe and the mountains of Macgillycuddy Reeks, as well as Derrycunihy Wood, the Eagles Nest and Torc Mountain and Purple Mountain rising around the lakes.
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The ladies-in-waiting of an English queen were speechless at this sight. Looking out over such a lovely landscape, you might be awestruck as well.

5. Muckross Abbey

Once a monastery where monks whispered their daily prayers, now a fascinating site of mossy ruins, find Muckross Abbey deep in Killarney National Park. Wander through rooms with a turbulent history of violence and destruction. You can now sit peacefully among the trees and flowers that grow around them.
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Mysterious ruins tell stories from a shadowy past and invite you to find peace in what is left of their mossy walls.

6. Torc Waterfall

Follow the sounds of the rushing stream and reach a forest clearing to find Torc Waterfall. Here the fresh, clear water of the Owengarriff River crashes over ancient rocks, sending spray up into the cool air. The waterfall is over 65 feet (20 meters) high. After rainfall, which is frequent in this area, it is even more impressive. Stand, watch and be mesmerized by the rushing water passing through a narrow rocky gap between leafy green.
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Hidden in the mossy forest is a sight that can refresh any weary hiker, where fresh waters hurtle over stones, sheltered by a leafy canopy.

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